Titanium, stainless steel
50 x 47 x 28mm

Glimpse is a 3-dimensional hollow constructed titanium brooch.  The four shapes, made up of octahedrons were made individually. Each shape cut and laser welded back together.  The four shapes then laser welded together to form the cluster. 
The finished surface is sandblasted to obtain the consistent matt finish.
To glimpse is to momentarily see, partially view - a brief perception. 
In our everyday we perceive an environment through glimpses of shapes and shadows, constantly shifting. Constructed shapes and forms, individually with no meaning, collectively making a whole. 
Our city environment is a construction, a collection of geometrical shapes and forms, showing control, offering protection, giving the city strength. 
As we move through our cities how much of the construct do we observe – we glimpse bits and pieces here and there, protecting what lies within.
We are comforted by the everyday repetition of form yet viewed from different angles, a seemingly new form evolves, ever changing.
We glimpse these shapes and forms aware that they are there to build, to hold and to protect – abstract forms coming together to give a whole.
Constant glimpses of comfort.
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